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Attack of the alien

By George McEwan, year 5, Elizabeth College

A boy called George was walking home with his friend when George tripped on something in the ground “what is it,” asked his friend “I don’t know “said George. They tugged and pulled but it would not move but then his friend touched it and a black alien goo wrapped itself around his arm and he ran as quick as he could to skull rock but it would not come off but it had spread all over him and it had long teeth bulging mussels and white diamonds around his red eyes but he seemed to have forgotten about George “we are DEATH.” Said the Alien George ran away he did not know where to go. Then he had an idea he ran to Gandalf’s house because he would know what to do but Gandalf was dead. There was black slime on the wall like a stripe of blood. George did not know what to do. It was then he saw Death scanning the horizon like a wolf scanning for his next prey to take his mind off losing his best friend he went to a shop and had his favourite meat balls but just finished and DEATH came crashing through the window. He smashed everything in his path, every one was running anywhere they could but George stayed back because he wanted to ask it a question. Why do you follow me?” Asked George. He answered “because you took me out of hibernation when I was on the brink of death when your friend woke me up. So I took the life of your friend. In return, I also want your life. George did not know what to say but he could not run, his legs felt like jelly so he just stood his ground as the alien moved forward and…

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Muffin Time Place

By Abbie Perkins, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

It all began on a windy day by the sea. Princess Vanilla Bean was walking across the sand with her best friend

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Lift Me Up

By Chloe Butchers, year 8, St Sampson’s School

The lift was whizzing, whizzing up and up I didn’t think it would ever stop. Bang!

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Dungeons and Potions

By Gulliver Wylie, year 4, Elizabeth College

I was sneaking towards the empire with my pet dragon. I threw a fire potion on the side of the wall....

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The nightmare

By Harry Moore, year 6, Vauvert School

“Hey Cyborg come over here I have something to show you, look over there isn’t that Thanos?” said Johnwick...

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Pooh's 'Hunny' Tree.

By Alice de Jersey, year 6, Forest

The sun was shining in through the little glass windows in the tree. Birds were singing a sweet symphony on the window ledge.

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The Oasis

By Max Bisson, year 8, Elizabeth College

Clink, Clink. Quick-Shots, the Commander, Pulse Rifle was out of ammo. His friend and partner, infr...

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Scarlet and the adverture

By Remi Tomlin, year 5, Amherst School

Howling wind shot down the fireplace sending ash onto the carpet.Tiptoeing into the kitchen Scarlet...

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Under Threat

By Archie Annan, year 10+, Elizabeth College

His population was at its most vulnerable. The cerulean blue ocean was gradually beginning to rise a...

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Topsy Turvy Town

By Flo Hemery, year 5, Notre Dame School

One day in Catonia,the cats were rolling around in the sunshine.Suddenly, a huge storm blew up and a...

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Umaya the flute player

By Abigail Langlois, year 7, Grammar School

"My lord, I swear it wasn't me!" pleaded Umaya with desperation in her voice. Her friend Eli had ridd...

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