Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Attack of the alien

By George McEwan, year 5, Elizabeth College

A boy called George was walking home with his friend when George tripped on something in the ground “what is it,” asked his friend “I don’t know “said George. They tugged and pulled but it would not move but then his friend touched it and a black alien goo wrapped itself around his arm and he ran as quick as he could to skull rock but it would not come off but it had spread all over him and it had long teeth bulging mussels and white diamonds around his red eyes but he seemed to have forgotten about George “we are DEATH.” Said the Alien George ran away he did not know where to go. Then he had an idea he ran to Gandalf’s house because he would know what to do but Gandalf was dead. There was black slime on the wall like a stripe of blood. George did not know what to do. It was then he saw Death scanning the horizon like a wolf scanning for his next prey to take his mind off losing his best friend he went to a shop and had his favourite meat balls but just finished and DEATH came crashing through the window. He smashed everything in his path, every one was running anywhere they could but George stayed back because he wanted to ask it a question. Why do you follow me?” Asked George. He answered “because you took me out of hibernation when I was on the brink of death when your friend woke me up. So I took the life of your friend. In return, I also want your life. George did not know what to say but he could not run, his legs felt like jelly so he just stood his ground as the alien moved forward and…

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Glass heart

By mae matthews, year 8, La Mare de Carteret School

Once upon a time there were four people on an abandoned island called Glass Heart island.

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The green boy

By Henry Bloor, year 6, Elizabeth College

“As I sway between the everlasting green of the grass, looking at the spectacular everlasting sky, I...

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Imaginary World

By max hamon, year 7, Elizabeth College

“Once upon a time there was a little boy who lived in the big city. His name was Liam, he was five years old...

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The Magic Bucket

By Freddie Newman, year 5, Vauvert School

Hi, I’m Henry and I want to tell you a story.. This is about when a volcano was going to erupt right...

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Outer Life

By Harry Newton, year 7, Elizabeth College

Through space and past the Milky Way, the planet Atitlan awaits. Atitlan was a red planet with many...

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By Ruby Gill, year 6, Amherst School

Alone he was, in the major mountains, no-one to comfort him. Little did he have, the sad, lonely man...

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The Thing

By Will Bridges, year 9, Blanchelande School

I woke to the sound of glass smashing, a huge crash. It almost defeaned me. I sat up quickly, which was a mistake...

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Unicorn land

By Mara Vieira, year 5, Notre Dame School

It was a sunny morning, there was a rainbow high up in the sky! The day was lovely, and probably at...

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By Ben Mills, year 9, St Sampson’s School

Bang! “Quick Johnny run!” Bang “ quick in here” schreech the door of the bunker closes behind them....

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The world of lost and found magic

By Christine Browning, year 6, La Houguette School

As they walked in the telephone box, they were going to phone, Joy and Josh’s Mum to ask if Sophie could eat at their’s tonight.

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