Primary. Years 3/4/5/6


By Sebastien Saad, year 5, Elizabeth College

Waking up from a…. tasty sleep, 17 year-old Ashton realised that he’d slept for 12 & ½ hours and he was late for college, but then he realised it was the 3 & ½ week half-term break. He’d overslept since he went to bed at 10:00 PM after a night full of pizza takeaways and movies the previous night and it was now 10:00 PM, according to his digital alarm clock. Sliding out of his queen-sized bed, tripping over a pillow that had fallen off the bed in the process.

Ashton lolloped over to his bathroom door, picked up one of his towels off the floor, yanking the door open, pulled the shower screen door open, and hanging his towel up, ripped off his PJs, he hopped into the shower. 10 minutes later, he was downstairs in his games room eating Choco Clusters, his favourite cereal. After breakfast he booted up his laptop and enjoyed a good 3 & ½ hours of comfortable gaming. Afterwards he remembered he had something to take care of down on Iffy Island.

Grabbing his car keys, Ashton raced out of his house, unlocked the car, jumped in, started the engine and shot off towards the self-proclaimed ‘Dorky Docks’. As soon as he arrived at the car park, he parked the car, located the gangway next to where his friend’s yacht, the ‘Kalos’ was moored, and sauntered down said gangway towards the marvellous vessel. Ashton’s friend in question, Sam, owned the ‘Kalos’ and had another engine key for the boat made especially for Ashton. He smiled as he jingled the key in his black tracksuit pocket. He stood in front of the beige/gold yacht so he could admire the hugely long vessel for some time. After 4 minutes, Ashton had left for the Iffy Isles.

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