Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Arthur's Story

By Harrison Menhennitt, year 6, La Houguette School

As the Great War raged on, Arthur’s parents got weaker and weaker. Eventually they took Arthur who was a baby, to see the old wise wizard to heal him. But sadly, it was too late for Arthur’s parents who unfortunately died that night.

Years later he was living on the streets in the village of St Menhenitt.He was walking down past the market as normal when an old man stopped Arthur in his tracks. “Arthur,”said the old man,”I haven’t seen you in ages oh how big you’ve grown”.”what? How do you know my name? exclaimed Arthur. “It doesn't matter,bthe only thing you need to worry about is this” the old man said holding out a map,”This leads to the Legendary sword called Excalibur Aka Sword in the Stone,explained the old man.Oh yes I think I've heard of that,said Arthur. Here this shall guide you on your journey. So Arthur said thanks and went on his way. So Arthur is now finally on his quest.He had a long way to go.He began walking through the grasslands. Until he was stopped in his tracks by a troll. The troll stood towering above him. Arthur ran as Fast as he can.The troll was so big and so heavy that every time he took astep it was like a mini earthquake.There was a wild chase! They had been running for awhile now and Arthur was getting very tired. All of a sudden Arthur had an idea.bHe remembered that trolls can't swim.So he will run towards the lake.SSSSSPPPPPPPLLLLLAAAAAAHHHHHHH. Arthur jumped into the lake,the troll followed. The troll drowned. Arthur finally reached the seashore.He had just started to set sail when the kraken appeared In front of him……...

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