Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Approch To Charso

By Hugo Fay-Farmer, year 4, Elizabeth College

“We're rapidly approaching!” I bellowed.

“The flight was amazing!” I yelled.

“This doesn’t look good,” replied a passenger.

“We’re over Himonato!” I screamed.

We rapidly descended over Himonato.

BANG!! The plane crashed. Everyone puffed in smoke. We all got out alive. I called Hamug to tell him I was in Himonato. I told him to meet me at the Himonato snack centre. Hamug arrived with Biscuit, we had to walk to Charso or Lacostan. Charso was our choice, we left Himonato at 7pm on Tuesday 9 July 2019.

Walking through Bato Mesa in the summer is really tiring!! We didn’t sleep for three days as a result of Bato being hot and sandy.

Charso is really, really small. So small in fact that it only has one restaurant.

We played on the way to Charso but we didn’t have much fun because of the heat. The only life we saw were two camels, four bugs and one donkey. They all were sweating.

It was two weeks since we had seen civilisation.

“I feel dead!” hollered Penguin.

“I’m burning!” screeched Hamug.

Finally, after five weeks of non-stop travel, we saw the light of Charso. Hamug threw Biscuit’s Toy, and it ended up in Charso. We travelled for four more days and we were in Charso.

It Isn’t nice in Charso, there are lots of dust storms in summer/autumn.

We hadn’t finished our travels just yet. We wanted to also go to Lacostan. We stayed in Charso for one month, but after that we would set off for Lacostan.

Whilst we were in Charso we had experienced three dust storms and eleven on the way to Charso.

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