Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Animal Island

By Shannon Marsh, year 5, Vauvert School

Welcome to Animal Island where four kinds of animals live, like flying dogs, fire-breathing butterflies, water birds and gummy cats. They all lived in peace and harmony until one terrible day…

A meteor crashed in the middle of their island. The meteor was made up of diamonds and gold. It was the most expensive meteor in the universe. It hit suddenly, splitting the world into four different pieces! Now the animals have their own islands. The animals liked having to share an island so the animals worked together to try put the islands back together again.

The dogs tried to fly the islands back together by tying chains to the islands and pulling, but it didn’t work because the dogs weren’t strong enough to pull the islands and the chains snapped, and the butterflies and the cats were going to work together so the butterflies tried to melt the islands together and the cats were going to help by pulling parts of gum to help stick all the islands together. Well that was if the dogs' plan worked. The fish tried to swim the islands together.

They all went to the island to find stuff to build a bridge to get to the islands, it took days to do it. After four weeks it was finished and they were all happy.

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