Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Andrew's tale

By Thomas Meerveld, year 6, Elizabeth College

As reached out to grab the ancient artifact his arm snagged a branch, it pulled him high in the air. He was looking at the little islands surrounding the larger island, which was his home. This was the moment where the branch shook Andrew off itself. As he was falling he was telling himself to stay calm and don’t panic, then he remembered the kind man in the shop gave him a parachute which he kept in his backpack just for emergencies, so he opened his bag and grabbed the parachute as fast as lightning before any of the rations or possessions came sky diving or, should I say, plummeting to the earth with him.

So as he was soaring through the air towards his destination, a bad thought popped into his head but he quickly dismissed the thought of giving up. He was on a mission from his father to get the magical herbs from the unknown to heal his sick mother, but got side-tracked by the quests he went on to get the resources and items he needed for his long journey. He got there after the weeks of travelling, he snatched the herbs looking out for anything his clothes might catch onto a maybe branch or a root.

Travelling past the Scary swamp, soaring skyscrapers, haunted highway, happy highlands, broken bridges, bootleg bay, big blue, cursed crossover, creepy caves, the big trees, deserted desert and pain plains, he came home to find it burned to the ground along with the other buildings in the village. Andrew fell to his knees, tears streaming down his face like a fast flowing river as he saw his mother’s charred corpse.

He wiped the tears of happiness away and started to smile at all the carnage that he had caused.

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