Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

An Underwater House

By Beatriz De Freitas, year 6, Notre Dame School

The coral reef is as colourful as a rainbow. It waves side to side with the current. The ocean is a light shade of blue and shimmers in the golden rays of the sun. It is magical. You may think this is an ordinary ocean but you are wrong there. You know how boats pass on the top and leave this bubbly foam. In this ocean boats pass underneath and leave a fragrance of tulips. The emerald surface of the sea glitters with a million diamonds of sunlight.

Starfish, octopus, squid and seahorses lie on top of the ocean. So far this ocean is very quiet and calm but not for long. Not any more, there are deadly sharks, rays, electric eels, pufferfish, stonefish and water snakes. Deep below the colour changes to midnight blue and anything can happen! On the horizon, there was a spooky, spine-chilling, eerie.…. HAUNTED HOUSE. It was sat on top of bunches of algae.

When I got there the entrance was blocked by a metal gate carved with ancient symbols. Suddenly, the door opened onto a long, dimly lit corridor. The spiral stairs twisted and turned sharply, changing direction at every corner. I was struck with terror. My heart was beating painfully fast and banging against my ribs. I could hear a door creaking behind me.

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