Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Am I Nice?

By Charlie Robilliard, year 6, Notre Dame School

I am a boy and this is my story. What I like to do is make excuses not to go to school but he doesn’t just make excuses. He is a detective and he goes to places and helps people (but it’s usually the opposite) on his apparently invisible 1000 mph car but I don’t think many people would believe me after I broke somebody’s leg, threw a chair at a teacher and don’t forget running away from school. I think he is a detective but I really am a troublemaker and always make excuses about school. He only goes about once a year and more like one hour because he usually runs away because he lies that he feels sick or is getting bullied but I am the one who is bullying other ones. He thinks he is doing a great job but he has got a mansion because he forces his parents to buy it for him or he will get them taken away.

I am a very mean person and don’t think how others feel when I bully them and break their legs, I am the naughtiest person on earth. I am thinking of terrorising everyone so they will go away and I could have the whole town to myself, he could eat whatever he wants and I will have no school but when no one will be here so I couldn’t be a detective but the good thing is that he could do whatever he wants, but the thing is it will have to happen first, that was just the plan. So I need to be so bad and naughty so that they will go away but the thing is the police are watching me, they could be watching me now. “Oh no.”

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