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Alone in the city...

By maceydiz robins, year 6, Amherst School

One cold,stormy night Katie was alone in the sea with her baby called Baileigh-J’aide curled up in her arms. They travelled in a boat which had a roof to keep Baileigh-Jaide dry and Katie.The waves were rough, the sky was black.They spotted an island. Katie ran to the edge of the wobbly,thin boat. Katie brought her hands into the cold,blue sea and floated to the city nearby.

Baileigh-Jaide started to cry. Katie grabbed Baileigh-Jaide and cradled her in her arms.Katie carefully hopped out the boat and pulled the boat in.They looked around the city and they found a mansion they obviously claimed it. Katie quietly walked up the stairs and put Baileigh-Jaide into her bed safely and tucked her all up nice and cosy into her soft bed and Katie went to explore the house. There was absolutely no one in the house so Katie took Baileigh-Jaide and look around the whole city. No-one was there so they had named it comfy city because they felt so comfy and they even felt welcomed there. There was a shop nearby so they went to the shop and got some stuff to eat,drink,wear. They took all the money and went back to the mansion, put everything away and went out they found two cottages they named one creepy cottage because it had spiders webs covered on it. The other one looked chilled so they called it comfy cottage.They went off they found a

cave, it said tulgey woods. They headed in they saw leaves, bushes, eyes. They both had found the wood. They got creeped out there were noises like footsteps,crackling,animals and smells like dust,damp,drains. Katie cradling Baileigh-Jaide ran out of the tulgey woods with Katie.

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