Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Aliens vs Humans

By Yaseen Kandili, year 5, Vauvert School

I was coming back from work. I stared at the traffic light. Just then I saw a creature not from our world. I got out of the car and everyone else saw it and they got out of their cars and stared at it. All of a sudden, the alien looked at us, then his hands came out, then the alien shot lasers then we all ran away.

Just then, the alien turned people into dust in seconds and their clothes on to the floor. Then, I had an idea. My idea was to go into the shop and get out of the back door and it worked. I ran as fast as a tiger but the alien went the same way as me. Then there was a corner. I went to the corner then I stopped and looked back and the alien went past me.

Then I suddenly, thought of a plan. The plan was to get an engineer and a mechanic to build a massive machine to destroy the alien. Then, I talked to the engineer and the mechanic and they said it was a deal.

We got started with the machine. We took 5 days on the machine then finally it was done. It was time to destroy the alien. The alien shot the machine but it missed. The alien fired back raining shots at the machine… how could it ever defeat this massive thing? Then smoke filled the air and no sound was heard.

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