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By Phoebe Hawkins, year 6, Amherst School

My name is Phoebe and this is my story. I have a sister named Lillie and two brothers called Riley and Leo. My mum and dad's names are Clasina and Ant. I have three cousins named Tori, Emily and May. We are a really kind and crazy family. I live in a human-shaped island, it has two ponds, a duck and a fish pond. The grass is as smooth as a book. There are brown, straw houses.

One day we had an argument about whether or not we should go to Monster City. I said, “YES!’’ obviously.

So we decided to go, we travelled by boat, it was a rocky ride, it made me feel sick. The turquoise ocean was glistening in the moonlight. We finally arrived at Monster City. It was a dark and dull place, no one was to be seen, no houses, no nothing, except for a theme park. At the theme park was a ferris wheel, it was made out of sharp shark's teeth. Majestically the sky lit up with bright twinkling stars.

Suddenly there was a strange sound, it gradually got closer and closer, thump, thump. “I am scared, Mum! ’’ I said, shaking with fear.

“Run!’’ yelled Leo.

We got away from the monsters, we were right near water, there was a submarine. One by one we jumped into the submarine and off we went through the glimmering water.

BANG ! We crashed into a tropical island, it was full of marvellous birds, blue sky and tropical trees. It was so quiet on the island, the only sound was the birds singing. We planned to stay on the island forever. So we built a house for us to live in. Suddenly it turned cold, thunder, lightning started to strike down on us.


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