Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Adventure of the Never-Ending Tunnel

By Aimee Le Sauvage, year 5, Amherst School

It was that time of the day when the luminous moon exchanged with the blinding sun. Slowly walking along, a tatty girl called Kerry didn’t realise she was standing right outside the tunnel. Scanning the weird place, she quickly glimpsed the underpass and froze! Silently, the animals leaped into the cosy hollow trees.

”What is this place?”, Kerry muttered to herself.

She nervously scuttled into the tunnel. Further and further she got, with no end in sight.

Bold leaves flickered as the wind searched for playmates. Dust, grit and grime scraped off the clattery railway every time a scuffed caramel shoe took a cautious step.

”How am I going to get out?!”

Amazingly, Kerry started to feel clever enough to find her way out of this.

Around the winding trees,vines coiled tightly every single second. Leisurely strolling along,she noticed a scaly snake shed.

It felt like plastic material. Freaking her out,Kerry rapidly ran far from the creepy looking thing. Trying to catch her breath, she noticed there was a little bunny struggling to get back to his family. Kindly,Kerry gently nudged the little bunny back to his family and toasty burrow. Feeling proud of herself,she sat down ready to shelter for the long misty night.

As the sun rose,the tunnel got longer and longer. When K woke up,pain was crawling through her back into her neck like the snake strangling its prey! After a while,the pain had eased,so once again K started on her long hike. It had been days and still she couldn’t get out.” Will I ever get out?" Will she ever be able to go home?

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