Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Adventure of a lifetime

By Marco McQuaigue, year 6, Elizabeth College

In 1936 a little boy named Sam was hanging out in his home. He was a very clever boy and the most popular kid in school. With a group of friends he went on an adventure to explore the world. So the quest began to find whatever they can find. “Look over there.” said Sam. “It’s a bridge.” It is a wonky bridge. "How are we going to pass it?" said Sam. "Let’s do it, me first."

They passed the bridge but, as soon as they went walking again, there was a huge big mountain called mount fork and as you guessed they claimed it. It took them two straight hours to climb it all the way up, but when they claimed it they planted a flag at the top because they were the first ones there. But as they went down it was getting dark very fast and they were scared of the dark, but they couldn’t find their way home, and the wild life was coming out and the wolf was coming straight towards them. They had no shelter and as soon as they came face to face, Sam put his hand out and looked away and the wolf didn’t attack, and all of a sudden a big black bear appeared out of nowhere and the wolf protected him and his friends. The big black bear went away and the wolf guided him back home. The next day the wolf was there and he was looking thirsty so he did what a nice boy would do and put him inside and gave him water and food and a bandages, and at the end he licked him on the face and he decided to keep him as a pet forever and ever.

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