Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

A World Of Mayhem

By Joe Culverwell, year 5, Elizabeth College


Harry was a normal boy. He lived in a cosy cottage on the edge of windy woods. But all of that would soon change.

Harry was sitting in his tree house doodling. He was drawing a map, to be precise it was a map of mayhem.

Later that day when he went to bed he had dreams, dreams about his map.

He had landed on the roof of resting restaurant which was based on his favourite Chinese takeaway restaurant that closed down last year.

But Harry was worried because he knew the tax monsters were coming but actually the tax monsters were here! They were already climbing up the side of the building. Luckily Harry knew how to defeat them. He knew that tax monsters hated ripped money. So he whipped out an old pound note and tore it in half. Suddenly all the tax monsters melted into nothingness.

But they left a note. The note said, “Meet me by vintage volcanoes if you want to get home!” Harry had already worked out that it was not a dream but seeing that note only proved the horrible truth.

He already knew the route, he had to go through fired forest, a remote forest burnt by the vintage volcanoes' boiling lava. So Harry jumped down from the rotting restaurant and made his way to the Fired Forest.

As Harry walked the once beautiful forest he thought about if his parents noticed his sudden disappearance or if they didn’t care! He could see the volcanoes now. Their shadows sent a cold chill up Harry’s small spine even though it was 30 degrees hot.

When he got to the foot of the towering volcano he was greeted by the foul beings known as…….

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