Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

A World of Difference

By Charlotte Herschel, year 4, St Martin’s School

“Later, scarface!” jeered Ella Montgomery, as Lily got off the bus.

“I wish I could get away from the haters,” sighed Lily. “Just because I have a massive burn doesn’t mean they can be rude.”

In a daze, Lily realised she had wandered off from her usual way home. She had reached the end of Bramble Point, and had been sulking with her head down the whole way. If she had been looking up, she would have seen the old, ghostly cottage. Now you would have thought that she’d be all timid, but no. Despite her looks, Lily was always eager for adventure.

“Well, what am I waiting for?” and she bounded in.

The cottage was tremendously old and dark. There was a tiny glint of sunshine gleaming on a mirror. Lily stepped towards her ugly reflection and… she was gone!

Lily felt all dizzy. She realised she was standing on a city street. Music and laughter drifted from round a nearby corner. Hastily, Lily tiptoed ahead.

“Wow! she breathed.

There were stalls of all kinds. Free sweets, toys and clothes, and everywhere people were happily chatting. Lily was so amused that she didn’t look where she was going and bumped into someone.

“Sorry!” Lily apologised..

“You must be Lily. I had an owl message saying you were coming.” The man was tall but dreadfully hunched over, and weirdly, dressed as a sheriff.

“Who are you?” asked Lily, confused.

“Me? I’m Thomas, and I’m the mayor here in Uniquity City.”

“It seems like everybody here is… different… like me!” Lily realised.

“Yes, of course, Lily. Here we celebrate our differences and disabilities, not like where you live.

“But how do you know my name?”

“Because I’m the mayor. I know everyone here. Welcome home, Lily!”

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