Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

A Perfect World

By Eliza-Mae Galliene, year 3, Les Voies School

Crimson liquid pooled on her wrist, the razor blade still in her hand. Blurry eyes gazed into the blood. Her eyes ran towards the liquid, becoming infused with the raw wound. Her eyes smiled as they swam through the thick pool. Floating, she felt a sense of comfort; she could finally see her foolproof life.

She saw herself walking into school. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Insta-worthy body. People greeting her, inviting her to parties and football games. She looked into the camera of her latest phone and saw perfection. Blinking, her long lashes brushed her pale skin. Her tongue wiped her white teeth as her luscious velvet lips smacked together. Her petite nose inhaled her new life. She wasn’t blurred anymore; she was happy.

A stream of glowing tears abruptly flooded the superficial life. The wound on her wrist was drowned with love as she was embraced by her mother. The warm grip and the gentle shaking her back to reality transformed her mind. The crystal tears washing from her mother’s eyes, cleansed her thoughts of ‘perfection’. She realised in that moment that her short black hair, brown eyes and olive freckled skin and the baby fat coating her body were good enough. She was loved and that was all that mattered. Social media and society had lied to her, making her believe that she wasn’t worthy. Her mum had been telling her for years that every person, no matter their colour, shape or size, deserves the world and shouldn’t stand for being criticised for not being ‘good enough’ by the media. Finally, at the moment when it mattered the most, she accepted her mother’s message. She would break free of the chains of insecurity and live by her own rules. The wound would heal, and so would her mind.

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