Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

A Dark Cave

By Amy Smith, year 6, Vauvert School

I was going through a dark cave that I found in the middle of nowhere, I entered the cave, it was completely black and silent, I walked through the cave, when I got deeper into the cave it got brighter, there was cave with gems in the wall, glowing brightly, and different colours, I walked deeper into the cave. I suddenly heard a weird sound, I ignored it, and walked on. I got deeper into the cave, then I heard the sound again, it sounded like something else was in the cave with me, but how, the only possible thing that could be is an animal I went forward, silently, then in the shadows, I saw a figure, I couldn’t see what it was properly, as it was quite dark, the gems get darker when you go deeper into the cave, anyways, the shadow moved forward at me, and then I saw what it was, it was a giant creature, I have no clue of what it was exactly, it jumped out at me, before it harmed me, probably won’t, I ran away.

I sprinted out of the cave, with the creature chasing me, I got so scared I didn’t look behind, it could’ve been right behind me, I kept running, the gems got brighter, that meant I was getting out of the cave, I couldn’t see daylight yet, or any sign of light, apart from the gems in the wall. It was silent. I stopped to catch my breath, and looked behind, scared, it wasn’t there, I was running for nothing? Or did it just give up? I don’t know, I kept running, just in case it was still chasing me. Finally, I saw daylight, and was free.

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