Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Caitlin Guilbert, year 9, La Mare de Carteret School

In my world it is a deserted island, no other living things exist in this world but the people on the island. They try to survive by choosing a side to live on. Two founders; one magical, one from Wonderland. They both set off on their own journey's bumping into one another on the way, they were the best of friends until they had an argument. However the both of them claimed the island to be their own, that's when they came to their senses and split the island into half; not figuratively. They built their sides like their old home.

The Queen of Hearts planted seeds which she had gotten from Wonderland, then hoping for vegetation to grow. Now there is an extremely vast red castle with hearts on it on her side. The village has red and black houses darted around the castle, she put the village close to the castle in case any dangerous animals would attack the people. The Queen of Hearts is very wise, however she doesn't stop wanting people's heads if they commit a crime. The people get their food from the Queen's gardens which includes all mysterious, wonderful things you could ever think of. The people have to be extremely careful as the Great Lake of Monsters is what they value most for, this is because the monsters are their weapons.

Dumbledore has built a massive version of Hogwarts on his side, his people are witches and wizards which can use wands to control things. Their way of transport is apparition and brooms, they also have a Quidditch pitch for having fun with. They value their animals the most as their weapon is lots of magical animals including Bowtruckle's and Dragons. The people play in the waterfalls all day for amusement. Then suddenly...

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By Ashley De La Rue, year 7, Elizabeth College

Yawn! Woke up feeling good, ready for breakfast got up went to the kitchen and got my favourite football mug and bowl.

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The darkness has landed

By Leo Rivers, year 5, Elizabeth College

The darkness has landed. In the enchanted night a letter arrived at Dan’s manor. Dan groaned and go...

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By Jack Rees, year 7, Elizabeth College

Igzagnoroth Igzagnoroth is steam punk city, home to great technology but it sticks to the old way...

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The rise!

By Rory Burke, year 6, Forest

“This is the greatest day of the year,” babbled Betty. Fliss agreed. “It is really nice but what is...

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By Ryan McGinn, year 5, Notre Dame School

BLANK? Before I introduce myself i have to say i am a part of a tribe called Amiziodous.We are ha...

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SCP: containment breach

By Jack Manheim, year 5, Elizabeth College

Once in a huge city lived a young boy who wanted to avenge his father. His father had been killed by...

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One dark stormy night

By bailey taylor, year 8, La Mare de Carteret School

One dark stormy night there was a big granite house in the middle of the lime green maze that is in...

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The land of dragons

By Jessica Breton, year 10+, Blanchelande School

His velvety, purple skin shimmered in the rising sun. His eyes were filled with panic and his breath was fire hot

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Biathlon Shooting

By George Mauger, year 7, Les Beaucamps School

It was the day of the 2002 Salt Lake US Winter Olympics. I was anxious because two years earlier I'd broken my leg...

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Nature in distress

By Elliot Kirk, year 6, Notre Dame School

As they watched upon the orange and brown crispy grass hill was ready to light up the forest.

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