Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

weird but wonderful

By karli correia, year 8, La Mare de Carteret School

Once upon a time there was a man called Paul O'Grady and he loved dogs, so one day he made a shelter for cats and dogs he named his shelter "Battersea cats and dogs home." Paul came to his shelter and decided he was going to help a dog or cat in any condition. The next day Paul O'Grady found a rainbow dog so he called her unicorn. The next day Paul O'Grady figured out that unicorn wasn't quite right. One hour later, and Paul still had no idea. Then, before he knew it, there were twenty people stood in front of Paul O'Grady and his staff, and they all had two dogs each. One by one they handed the dogs in and gave their information. The next day Paul realised that there was something wrong with all of the dogs, because at ten o'clock every day the dogs would dance and Paul didn't know why. So he decided to search the history of the exact location and he found out that the founder of dogs got buried there and he died at ten o'clock, so they celebrated his death because he was so important. But Paul realised that the dogs wouldn't get a home unless they stopped being so weird, so Paul spent 2 days teaching the dogs to be normal. A week later and Paul sold all of the dogs except one:poor unicorn hadn't been adopted until one very special person came along called Paige and she adopted unicorn. Two years later Paige came back and found Roul a dog and adopted him to be unicorn's best friend. They lived happily ever after and they loved each other until death.

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