Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

We are the outcasts

By Tamsin Polson, year 9, Grammar School

I stumbled out of the mystic wood and braced myself for the treacherous journey to get to the Derlionter forests. I knew I couldn’t take the immediate path - that would get me caught. Dark clouds loomed over the forest. Adlai followed behind me. Branches flung in every direction, trees stared menacingly and thunder rumbled in my wake.

The whistling wind sent a shiver down my spine causing me to halt. Thick, muddy ground swallowed my foot. I carried on with one more problem and one less reason to carry on. I knew I had to keep going , for if I got to the canyons, at least there would be food.

Seeing the Derlionter forests was the best sight my weary eyes could have seen. The grim woods with twisted trees and a melancholic mood seemed like heaven.

I felt lonely sometimes. Everyday, the longing to be accepted by the everyins grew more and more strong. The constant struggle for survival, being surrounded by harsh terrains and hiding from the parychers. I became lost in thought and almost forgot I was in this hellish nightmare.


The sound startled me. My heart was pounding, my head was spinning. The twisted trees seemed like they were closing in on me. I heard footsteps. Adlai clinged onto me for dear life, I screamed. Something sharp was digging into my leg. That’s the last thing I remember before blacking out.

I woke up in a cold room. I scanned the room for Adlai, but she was nowhere to be seen. Vines climbed up the walls, which looked as if they were about to crumble down, and everything was damp. In the corner of the room stood a box. I frantically wondered where I was.

“We are the outcasts,” a distant voice exclaimed.

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