Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Twin Switch

By Kathleen Truelove, year 7, Grammar School

“Thank God, I think we have lost them,” said Alice, hanging on to her breath.

“Why were they following us?” came a voice.

You see Alice was in an accident around fourteen months ago and it ended up accidentally taking the life of her beloved father, she loved her father dearly and her mother said that just catching a glimpse of her rich green eyes was like his presence lived on. After the evening's traumatic events she decided to avenge her father therefore leading her to partake in seven homicides. This was the one thing she had not yet told her newlywed husband, Greg, and was yet to do so.

“Greg, there is something I must tell you now, it can’t wait.”

Little did she know this small piece of information could jeopardise their whole relationship…

“Welcome to Channel three, tragically in the past month we have lost the lives of seven people all due to a young woman around the age of thirty years old.”

This girl had thick dirty blonde locks, was estimated around 5'11" tall and had green eyes as pure as gold. This girl was much like Alice…

“Ok so I haven't been entirely honest with you…”

“Go on.”

“I have a twin, and she recently got arrested.”

“What’s the catch?”

“Meet Melody,” uttered Alice, holding a pink woollen blanket with the name Melody embroidered on it; it was small, oval shaped and seemed very fragile. It succeeded in having the appearance of a...

“A baby!” exclaimed Greg.

“Yes, but we must go now before the police realise the switch up…”

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