Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The zoo

By Lewis De la mare, year 9, Grammar School

As the man took his first step past the gate, the air seemed to fill with the excitement and joy of the children looking through iron bars and glass domes. As this was the only attraction in the neutral zone you could see the looks parents from different sides sitting awkwardly on opposite benches as their children raced to see animals first.

The man settled his briefcase on a picnic table and pulled out a clipboard. He reached into the pocket of his suit and took a pen with the brand name of an inspector and hooked it to the top. Then he went to the first exhibit, all while being followed by a small, bearded man wearing the managers outfit.

“Ah, the best experience of seeing the magnificent burrowing wisp. Our team found one of these roaming near the mountains of Final Day,” he informed the inspector unprovoked.

As they looked into the ,all they could see was a serpent like tail with a dull orb at its tip. The manager picked a rock from the ground and threw it through the bars. Instantly, the sand in the enclosure was barged aside as a gaping mouth came out and took one bite at the air. The inspector was not impressed.

“Wouldn’t want to mistake that light for civilisation, would ya? Rumor has it that’s how the cattle-boar from the missing land became so vicious. Mind of this, strength of an army and all that.”

The inspector had already walked over to a map of the enclosures. He saw the location of the bird moose and penguins and stopped. Footsteps. As he looked around he saw a neat row of bushes fall away from the path of the fast army. The neutral zone treaty had been broken.

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