Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The world of peace!

By Gaby Payne, year 8, Les Beaucamps School

I’m the first human in the world, well this world. I live in a magical place called Pelongon. My family is just animals, but not the type of animals that most people will know; these animals are full of magic and mystery.

I have a incredible pet, well more of a friend. His name is Mr Mistoffelees and he is my cat. Mr Mistoffelees is my 7 foot tall cat, he is one of the fastest animals in the world. He is a beautiful ginger colour except for his wings which are black and white.

There are lots of very interesting animals that live in this world, all of them have one thing in common which is that they all have a special power that can be very helpful, and they are also all very friendly to all the species in this world.

My home is so beautiful: just looking up at the sky there are so many colours that show so clearly. There are bright colours of pink, blue and orange and as the darkness falls over the land all the nocturnal animals awaken. There are lots of incredible animals that are awake at night such as the owl. The owls are large enough to eat me but I have full trust in all the animals in this world.

Mr Mistoffelees and I go on flying trips almost every day. The view is incredible from so high in the sky, all of the animals in the world together living in a world of peace and harmony. All of the animals living together, all different colours but still all live a very free and peaceful life with all of the other animals. Every now and again Mr Mistoffelees and I find rare and unique animals that I have never seen.

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