Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Wonders of Book Land

By Tamsin Davidson, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

Once there lived a girl called Wonder who loved to explore everywhere. Her favourite place to explore was on islands and she loved travelling by plane because she loved seeing all of the wonderful sights. Suddenly the plane started to fall....she fainted, when she woke up there was a sign that said " Welcome to Book land!" for a minute she thought she was dreaming but then she saw a house that was made out of a book. She pinched herself then she realized it was not a dream. She thought to herself "Why don't I look around and explore?”

Wonder went looking around but then she got on the book stop aka the bus. She wanted to speak to somebody but she couldn't find anyone, she heard some music in the distance, she followed the music and it led her to a library. Wonder wanted to open the door so she did and there were people having a party and they said "Come and join in”. Wonder went in but then she heard this noise behind her and it was a bookworm, the bookworm kidnapped them and Wonder wanted to save everyone. Wonder went to Broken Book Land and she saw everyone there and managed to save them but the Bookworm chased her but she got away.

Wonder ended up back at the library and they had a big party to celebrate being saved. Wonder wanted to make the Bookworms nice so she invited them, the kindness made them good and they wanted to join in with everyone, they did and they had a great time.

The next day Wonder was at home and she thought, was it a dream? Then she saw that an angry Bookworm was at her window … Will someone be able to save her?...

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