Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Weird Wardrobe

By Kerys Maindonald, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

One Tuesday afternoon, Emily went to stay at her grandmother's house until her Mum and Dad came home. It always smelt like fresh berries and hand soap. The only ‘not Granny’s house’ item in it was the wardrobe. The one thing that Emily had always wondered was why her Gran had such a WEIRD wardrobe? It was always locked and had suitcases and laundry in front of it. That afternoon Emily decided to go inside the wardrobe, and see what it had to hide. She slowly crawled past her Grandmother’s lounge, and dived for the ‘keys for everything’ hanging on a hook near the wardrobe. Why did her Gran name her keys that way? Because there were about thirty keys on the key ring! To her fortune, on one of the keys was written faintly in Sharpie: ‘the wardrobe’.

“EMILY!” shouted her Grandmother from the living room. ”WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” but it was too late. Emily had already gone inside the wardrobe.

It was beyond anything that Emily had ever imagined. She was standing in an alternate universe. The grass was bright green and there were beautiful cherry blossom trees everywhere! The sky was magical. It was the galaxy, black, blues, purples and pinks, swirling around each other, dotted with tiny white stars. When Emily was done admiring the place, she noticed a giant castle in the distance. Who could possibly live there? When she arrived at the castle, Emily was desperate to see what was inside. She slowly opened the huge wooden door and she saw the most fabulous decor! There were glowing lanterns and portraits on the granite walls, the ceiling high as an oak tree. There was also a violet carpet leading up to the most beautiful woman she had ever seen! She was sitting upon a beautiful golden throne, lined with pillows of violet marbled velvet. She had silver lavender hair, flowing about her shoulders like a river. Her face was light and had a few faint freckles. Her eyes were like amethysts. She had a beautiful dress which was silver and had a lace train about a metre long. She was wearing heels which were also silver and had a lace lining around the top. "She must be the queen of this place..." thought Emily. "I'll see what it is."

"Um...Excuse me, are you the ruler of this place?" Emily said with slight fear. The woman seemed shocked. She said a few seconds later: "Why yes I am dear! What do you need?" in a sweet voice. After a moment of confusion she said, "I was wondering what this place is. I just went into my Grandmother's wardrobe and found myself here, and I was also wondering what queen you are."

"Well dear, I am Queen Lavender," she said. “And you find yourself in Galaxia! What is your name child?" said the queen.

"Emily. My name is Emily," Emily replied.

"Well, Emily, how old are you?"

"I am thirteen, your highness," Emily said, trying to be polite. "Anyway, you must be getting back home dear, your Grandmother must be worried about you," Queen Lavender suggested. "Just close your eyes and I will magic you home."

Emily closed her eyes and suddenly she was back in her Grandmother's living room.

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