Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

the twins

By Mia Spruce, year 8, La Mare de Carteret School

Once there was twins and they always dressed the same. Then the girls went to school. Then two boys saw the girls and their face cracked because of how beautiful they were. They had flowers in their hair and pink dresses with high heels, but then the head teacher told off the girsl because they were not in their school uniform because they were washing the clothes. They were too beautiful. The head teacher gave them school clothes to wear. They called their dad and had a meeting but then there was a massive storm because it was bad weather. Later that night the girls were crying in there rooms because they had to take off the beautiful clothes. They always would like to wear those clothes because they were too pretty. The girls decide to quit school and get home schooled because they hated the head teacher. The girls were crying in there rooms saying what a bad day it was. The thunder storm got worse so they decided to go and jump in the pool, but then they realised that there was no pool. They decided to go to the local pool but then there was police car outside their house saying to the twins "Come outside if you want to survive." But then the father and mother came outside and said "They're not here, they are in America" but the policeman said "Let me explore your house." But they never wanted to let them in so the girls said" hang on, we need to get our pyjamas" because they were in there swimming suits. But they realised that they had no time to mess around, then when the parents went inside they locked all the doors so they can't get inside but they smashed the window inside

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