Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The truth about me

By megan Buckholt, year 8, La Mare de Carteret School

I am what’s called a fourthling where you are four different types of supernatural creature. My mother is the queen of all mermaids, my dad is an elf but not the type you see in fairytales with big pointy ears, little pointed hat and little bells on his shoes. He actually looks like an average human just with special abilities. When my mother was pregnant with me ,my father had just found the most powerful thing on earth - The Orb Of Merlin.

It was said that Merlin had two best friends; one elf and the other fairy (not one with the dress and wings). He'd wanted to see what would happen if he mixed fairy and elf magic, alas this was to end in tragedy; both his friends were killed in the process. Merlin soon realised that he had created a weapon and had to hide it were he thought no one would find it. They did.

My father was obsessed with Merlin's story and when he found the orb his brother, whom he loved so very dearly, turned against him, he was overwhelmed with greed. This betrayal was the saddest day of my father's life. When he returned he had discovered a way to hide the orb. Everything my mother had would have the essence of the orb in the hope that it would be passed down to me. It was made with elf and fairy magic so I turned part fairy. When I was born, a werewolf looked at me and the power I had. It became jealous of my magic and turned me into one of her species leaving me a fourthling, and her dead. Soon the only way to protect me was to hide me among humans. But the power was yet to come.

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The truth about me

By megan Buckholt, year 8, La Mare de Carteret School

I am what’s called a fourthling where you are four different types of supernatural creature.

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