Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Story Of Guineacraft

By Nirvan Tauckoor, year 8, Les Beaucamps School

Once upon a time in Guineacraft a tribe of guinea pigs and a brave man named Steve decided to go on a quest to find their true loves in the mysterious forest. All their loves have been kidnapped by The Ender Dragon. They all started creating their weapons and they all worked really hard but in the end, the managed to do it. They also managed to craft a potion for everyone that allowed them to turn invisible for an hour which was amazing. After having dinner, they went for some well-deserved sleep.

Next sunny morning everyone set out not knowing if they would come back. They walked for hours and all the guinea pigs were really tired so they took turns on riding on their master, Steve. It was a long long journey but they finally made it to the mysterious jungle. They entered the very ghost-like forest with extreme precaution because there were monsters hanging everywhere such as Hanglewoppers dozzlegubs and many more deadly creatures. So far so good, everyone was sneaking in when suddenly a red panther jumped up and started attacking Steve but luckily the panther didn't pierce through his diamond armour. Steve quickly jumped back up and attacked the panther with is diamond sword the panther quickly jumped up and ran and there wasn't any point in killing it because it wouldn't give them anything helpful. After many battles and potion crafting, they finally got to the tower which was guarded by a The Ender dragon. Steve threw TNT on it and exploded the dragon. He went to the tower and found his beloved love, Alex. All the guinea pigs were there as well. It was a hard journey back but they made it back home and forever lived happily ever after.

The End By NirvanTauckoor

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