Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Soundless Souls

By sebastian robinson, year 9, Grammar School

He was tangled in a bunch and his bounding heart suddenly dropped into a maze. Bright lights foreshadowed his visions as he entered the grotto of despair. Floods of immortal tears seeped through the earth of his eyes. The vicious murderers had taken the man's last-gasp at parenthood. He had a wife who he loved deeply but the sudden strike of microscopic murders had murdered her further. Too small for obtaining a conscience, the serial killers left you with nothing but a soundless soul. It made you wonder, when you eventually thumped the ground by purpose or destiny, if the ones you loved would lay their minds on it at all. A rope and a pole crossed his thoughts as his devastated blood turned cold. Life is not an item you can take from others but when you lose someone close to you they can take yours in a heartbeat. "Darling it's me, Dad, you take all the time you need, I'll see you soon, just have a nap and try to forget about the pain." Her eyes sealed and all his anger was revealed in the form of forgiveness. The system in him had seemed to shut down alongside his purpose to move on. The crash had only built his clarity. A sudden jolt of confusion and fear met at a conjunction and he made a decision that would take him up to the clouds to accompany his wife and daughter once more.

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