Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Ship

By Nathan Le Messurier, year 9, La Mare de Carteret School

Day 982. I got onto this ship to get off a planet which my starcat had crashed on. I crashed my ship by hitting a rogue space panda in the northern space region. My right engine was damaged so i was forced to crashland. I've read not much about this ship but all i know is that it is as big as earth. And also it is a circle. There are exactly one million people living here and 100,000 police officers who are all three foot tall and wheeled a 5 foot claymore. They go on patrol in groups of ten so they will always have back up and if there was only one coming after you, then you could just push him over and then get away easily. But in a group of ten then they can easily build a fence around you in 0.5 seconds. The people who live here look like the signs which you see on a bathroom door. If you don't look like them or the police then you get hunted by the police until they find you and they stop you. The way they stop you is by building a metal cage around you really, really fast. The grand controller controls everything which goes on in the ship. The ship has a shield on the flat surfaces to protect it from asteroids and enemy ships. The shield is provided by the shield dispensers. They get power from the power station / the HQ where the grand controller lives.There are only three types of animals which live here. One the scootinash a strange looking pigeon with a monkey's face.. Two the hoodhertyuoops a dog but with no body and only one leg. And lastly three the ooyohdbgertxs a rat with no eyes or a tail.

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