Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Red Menace

By Caleb Vinning, year 9, Grammar School

The deep red menace released a legendary roar. The booming sound sent the party of three stumbling backwards.

'The dragon doesn't appear to be friendly,' reported a robot of metallic skin with beaming blue eyes wielding heavy firearms in each hand.

'I hadn't noticed. Thanks Cain.' snapped a women with flowing red hair and a fierce red glow emitting from her palms. as she was beginning to charge forwards.

'Happy to help.' replied Cain, the innocent robot.

'Lara, attack from the right and i'll go left!' called a tanned, brown haired man clutching onto an axe the size of a surfboard.

As the red haired girl, Lara, approached the terrifying beast of red impenetrable scales, wings the size of buses and eyes a deep blood red, the monster turned its attention to Lara preparing to attack with its powerful jaw. As the dragon lunged forwards, Lara faced her head up and palms down as fire spurted from her hands, thrusting her into the air, the dragon narrowly missing its attack.

The man, Grant, took this opportunity and leaped high into the air hauling his axe behind him, slamming it down on to the neck of the menace. Cain released hundreds on hundreds of small blue pellets on the monster creating a cloud of smoke.

The tension was high. No sound. Cain, Lara and Grant stood in anticipation, preparing for the next blow, but it never came. The smoke had almost dispersed.

It all happened in less then a second, a bright orange beam of heat shot from within the smoke making direct contact with Cain, leaving almost no time to react. A colossal explosion formed as the attack hit. The monster stood triumphant as Lara and Grant prayed hopelessly for their lost friend. But it was too late. The two of them faced a death sentence alone against The Red Menace.

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