Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The pizza delivery

By Reece bourgaize, year 9, Les Beaucamps School

The pizza guy was dead to begin with. He was one of the best in the city. No-one knows how he died until the end of the story. There will be some clues to as to what happened. Anyway let's get into the story.

A boy called Jack lived in the city where the clouds were as fluffy as sheep and as white as snow. Jack lived in a small house just around the corner from the pizza place where he worked. he lived on the street where the famous pizza delivery guy had died. As Jack walked out his front door he could smell the malodorous smell of the city it was a ghastly smell but you got use to it. As Jack walked past the bakery he could smell the freshly baked bread and as Jack carried on walking he saw the police still at the scene on where the pizza guy died. A policeman looked at Jack. He turned away and walked into a worried walk.

Jack thought how it happend and what he should have done as he entered the pizza place. Jack had to get to work. Three hours later Jack had finished. As Jack thought more and more on what he should do, the police followed him and told him to stop to ask questions. Jack picked up into a jog and then into a run. He ran into his house. The police had found out that Jack had killed the guy and then the police broke down the door. Jack ran upstairs and opened up the hatch to get to the roof. The police were not far behind him so he got on the roof and the police were right behind him so Jack jumped of the roof.

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