Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Opposite

By Kayleigh Patterson, year 8, Les Beaucamps School

In the Opposite everything is completely different; the leaves on trees are purple, the trunk is pink, the soft grass spreading around is a warm blue. The sky is a sunset; it’s almost like it was ‘upside down’. The clouds...there scattered on the floor as if they don’t belong in the sky. Animals that don’t even exist, for example, rabbits with little baby dragon wings, deer that have the pattern of a tiger… there was also something about this place that was dangerous, not all so friendly, didn't know what it was, but it was SOMEWHERE! I felt like it was watching me… and everything around me was getting smaller, and then bigger again. Everytime I took a step, I felt like I was almost in heaven but it had a twist to it though, it was very off around this place...About 15 minutes into this place and I’ve already found some type of village, the bricks were made out of a gooey substance, and even the people who lived in the village was just as weird as ‘The Opposite’. These people give me weird vibes; definitely with those strange looking horns on the heads. I decided to quickly get out of this place, but before I could do that one of the villagers stopped me and asked, “where are you going, you weird looking human?” I didn’t reply and ran!

I came across this water fountain; the water was filled with fishes, but each fish had their own little, tiny mark… I’m pretty sure that mark represented how it feels. I quickly sat down because something flew above me, but...when I looked up nothing was there, it must of been that dangerous thing roaming around, but it’s ‘whatever’ to me.

“Hello little fishies” I said, while gently stroking them with my fingers. Around 10 minutes later I decided to leave, and go back to the normal world, I turned around one last time before stepping into the portal that brought me here… I said to myself “I’ll be back soon!”, I turned around and walked through the portal, and then all of a sudden everything went back to normal. Except from one thing that I didn’t notice when I walked through that portal...

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