Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The old oak tree

By Chloe Guille, year 7, Grammar School

Emma Barkley is 12 years old. She has frizzy brown hair in mad ringlets, bouncing on her dizzy head. Her eyes are deep blue pools of happiness and her skin is the colour of caramel. She lives in an old mysterious house In North Carolina, with her mum, dad and sister Indie. She is very sporty and loves athletics, especially running.

One day she was playing on her trampoline with Indie when the most unbelievable thing happened. Out of nowhere a big blue bolt of lightning shot down at horrific speed and hit the old oak tree, causing it to topple over.

“Whoa,” said Indie.

“What was that” exclaimed Emma.

“There’s a passage” they chorused.

“Shall we go down it?” asked Emma.

“Hell, yeah!” chimed Indie, trying to sound cool.

Soon enough the girls were trudging down the narrow tunnel wondering where they were going.

"When are we going to reach the end?” sighed Emma.

“How am I supposed to know” mutters Indie.

“Hey, I can see light,” shouted Emma running ahead, “we’re here!” Emma and Indie jumped down out of the tunnel into a mysterious land. There were replicas of the old oak tree everywhere with funny little men coming in and out of the rotten trunks.

One of the men came up to them.

“You are in death-landia,” he cackled, running at them.

Emma and Indie ran for their lives back through the tunnel.

“To go back home, you need to work for me,” he screamed. The man came running after them and he closed the entrance to the tree trunk with a loud click of his fingers.

“What are we going to do” cried Indie, “he’s coming!”

“Firstly, I need some juicy human blood. Emma come here now!” “Please don’t hurt me, why do you want some?”

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