Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Mysterious land of Creatures!!

By Ellie Felbabel, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

One cloudy morning, young Prince Glen awoke in shock because he had a terrible dream that one of the dragons were sick. Once Prince Glen was changed, he had to go and feed the dragons. But to Glen's surprise, the dragons were surrounding the leader dragon Crystal.

Crystal had got the black forest curse from the last quest she had taken. "MUM!" Glen screamed from the front door. "Yes." Queen Melisa replied in a panicked tone.

"Crystal has got the black forest curse." Glen explained.

"Well, someone will have to visit the black forest and retrieve the lotus flower." the Queen replied.

"I will go." Glen replied and rushed up to his room to pack.

Glen was very excited but he was also worried that something would go wrong. He always felt this way before he went on a quest, and it was starting to get annoying. He would always wonder how his sister Sienna felt when she went on quests.

Three days later, Prince Glen and his dragon, Martin, were flying over lost and found when all of a sudden Glen was falling to his doom because his saddle had come undone. 'CRASH'! Glen had fallen back first onto what seemed to be a 5 foot mushroom. Glen searched everywhere for Martin, but he was nowhere to be seen. In the distance Prince Glen spotted a wooden bridge and made his way to it. Glen was half way over the bridge when 'snap.' The last thing that went through his mind was 'what just happened?'

Two hours later Glen found himself in what seemed to be the black forest. Glen picked himself up and set off. A shiver of fear went down his spine: there in front of him was a beautiful pink glowing lotus flower. There Glen stood in shock...

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