Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Mysterious Castle

By Demi Young, year 7, Grammar School


Cushioning my fall, I landed on a fluff of pillow, I wondered where I was. How did I get here? What was this place? Why was I here? Cautiously tiptoeing, not knowing where I was going, I admired how stunning the environment was. Looking around, I noticed a colossal, decrepit palace, which I thought was dormant. In the surrounding area, I observed some smokey light, which led me towards the huge castle. Daringly, I sneaked into the prodigious palace.

“Hello. Anyone in here?” I called. Following the path along the monstrous castle, I crept further and further into the darkness of the palace. Once I was in the premises of the immense palace, I realized the scurrying rats disappearing into the sides of the castle. Inside the grand palace, it was gloomy and dull. Spiderwebs entrapped all the walls. Gloominess shadowed in the tiny crevasses. Noises echoed up high, over my head. Gazing through the rest of the tremendous palace, I spotted a devious staircase going down into the basement.

As soft as a peaceful melody, I crept down into the basement. Darkness lurked in the shadows, dampness took over the floor, gloominess creeped in the gaps underneath me. Bats hung above me, twitching at every step I took. Terrified , I carried on my trek through the extensive palace.

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