Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Mechanical Island

By Yannick Gaudion, year 7, Elizabeth College

Far away on an engineered island lived a boy, the last boy alive. His name was Harry and he was super smart and owned a robot army at the age of 12. The leader had everything he wanted except he was alone. The island was made from scratch by Harry's father and was made out of screws, bolts and rusted metal. Harry had a brother, father and mother but when they got invaded 10 years before, they all escaped except him. Harry was out on a stroll around his mansion when he spotted something, something he had never seen before, something huge. A spaceship flying full speed towards his planet. He gathered his robots and got ready for an invasion. They ran to the field where it was heading for. As it landed, he readied his army for a charge. As the door opened, he got ready to call charge, but he spotted another boy who looked just like him, except for his clothes, but the face was the same.

“Hello,” Harry said curiously

“Hello,” said the stranger

“My name is Dundee and I’m your brother.”

“Wait! What are you on about?”

“I’m your brother and I 've came to take you to our Mum and Dad”

“Ok,” said Harry, trying to piece everything together. Harry was super cautious about these kinds of things, but he did remember one thing about his Mum and Dad.

“If you really are my brother what did my Mum and Dad do for their honeymoon?”

“Doesn’t matter. Just board my ship.”

“Why aren’t you answering? Are you even my brother, because my Mum and Dad used to talk about this all of the time.”

“I have long time memory loss.”

“Excuses, excuses. My brother never had that,”

“So who are you really?” said Harry

“I’m an assassin.”

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