Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Legends of Dangromon

By Maxwell Andrews, year 9, La Mare de Carteret School

Bloodshed spread across the towns to those who dare to challenge the almighty Dangromon of Alzamar.Villagers go sleepless at night because of the fear that runs cold in their blood knowing that Dangromon is out there to get them!

They say that he has a face as black as the night sky with a big, bloody grin accompanying it, long, bony fingers, slender legs and savagely devours children,women and men, ripping their flesh with his razor sharp teeth.

Alzamar used to be a peaceful place where children would play and people were living in a undisturbed environment where life was full of happiness and joy. Nothing was wrong until the Dangromon preyed on the people at the village and terrorised the inhabitants.

Only one person could wield the sword of the gods: Charles Quintana of Oros. Only he could slay Dangromon whose presence lingers in Alzamar. He was also a fearless prince who was said to have the heart of a lion.

At dawn in Alzamar, Charles Quintana was on the highlands of Alzamar, the sun blazing down upon his forsworn day of glory. He had sworn his allegiance with the kingdom and had said he would kill the beast in the children’s nightmares.

As the stagnant wind flickered his hair, he gazed down at the terror before him. At his feet, the remains of Alzamar’s inhabitants, their limbs torn sinew from sinew.

He witnessed his greatest nightmare to date. Innocent people were being eaten and savagely ripped limb from limb; he could hear the screams and screeches but still bravely sprinted towards the danger determinedly. He pulled out his powerful blade and slashed the beast, ripping its stomach and pulling its intestines in a bloody mess; conquering the monster that once terrified the people of Alazamar.

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