Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Legend of Sola and Marta

By Jack Bennett, year 7, Grammar School

"Forget it, puny one. I am the more powerful god," Marta blasted, his deep voice echoing across the wide galaxy. Marta was given godlike powers by his father, Zeus, after killing the monster terrorising his hometown.

"While Zeus has, undoubtedly, given you powers," Sola boomed, "I have been the god of Space for hundreds of millenniums. Do not make any foolish attempts to replace me."

As Marta heard Sola's degrading remarks, he summoned a frightfully large meteor unto Earth, jealous of Sola's obvious competence. He mocked, "if you are so ill-advised, why don't you fight me? Show off your apparent capabilities!"

Sola was reluctant. "Don't you understand, Marta? This is about the humans that live on this vast planet," he roared. However, this was to no avail. Marta was already wandering back up to space.

Sola was unquestionably tempted to complain to Zeus. However, he could never even speak of doing such a thing, for he could have his status as god revoked. Despite this, he could ask Poseidon for assistance. Realising this, he drifted to the palace of the god of the Sea.

"Please, your Highness! I beg for your assistance!" Sola cried, now on his knees. He looked like a child in comparison to Poseidon.

"I do not wish for you to fight. I undoubtedly owe you, after you assisted my son, Atlas, found the city of Atlantis. I humbly accept your request. Bring Marta here at once."

"Thank you, your Highness!" Sola praised.

Marta agreed to follow Sola down to the sea. "You are showing determination, Sola. I will follow you down, so we can end this ridiculous feud."

"Marta. Sola. I shall split you up. Marta, I trust you to keep the planets safe, and, Sola, you protect our Sun. It is settled."

"Thank you, Poseidon."


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