Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Land Of Peculiar

By Noah Davy, year 7, Elizabeth College

The Land Of Peculiar ..

Suddenly it all rushed back to me, I was running on slippery grass and I fell backwards into a gloomy cave. Slowly I tiptoed into the cave, being careful of my surroundings. I used my hands to keep me up, when I came across something strange. It was slimy but I didn’t take much notice of it, I had to get out of the cave.

In the distance I saw a flicker of light, and I heard a faint noise, but I wasn’t sure what it was, I had to find out. A short while later I had reached the end of the cave, ahhh. There were dozens of creatures all identical to the naked eye, but they were not normal, they were bright orange in colour. Slowly I approached one of them, it didn’t back down it just stared into my eyes like a lost soul.

Suddenly the orange creature mumbled something. It said, “Hello.”

Oh dear, I couldn’t find the way I came in, I was relying on the small creatures to show me the way out.

A short while later when night fell, I was starving. Luckily one of the creatures gave me something to eat; it was a strange substance, it was the goo I touched when I entered the cave. When I took a bite of the goo, I felt a weird sensation in my mouth, it was like a party of flavor.

The next morning I realized that this was my Eden, my paradise so I adventured around, curious about all my surroundings, when I found the cave that brought me to this paradise, that started my adventure. I was torn between the two choices, but in the end I chose what was right for me, the Land of Peculiar.

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