Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Land Of Hopes And Dreams

By Sienna Robins, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

One sunny morning Princess Emilia had an amazing dream. She dreamt of her and Prince Zachary having a picnic in Unicorn Land. The next night she sees a wishing star and starts to wish for her dream to come true. Her Fairy Godmother overhears her and puts her under a spell so her dream comes true, because every night her Fairy Godmother has seen her wishing for her to meet her Prince .

One year later, Princess Emilia was still wishing and waiting. Her Fairy Godmother was questioning what had gone wrong with her magic. So Fairy Godmother set off to go on a very important trip to the Lost And Found City to get her magic back, because that's where magical objects go when they havn't been used in a year.

After a couple hours of flying, Fairy Godmother made it through Star Ocean which is a calm and relaxing place to be, but now she is in the Rocky Seas. The Rocky Seas are a stormy and misty part of the land. Nobody ever tries to cross between the Lost And Found City and the Queen's Kingdom because you can get trapped.

Three hours later the Fairy Godmother finally reached the Lost And Found City. Now the Fairy Godmother is hunting down her magic. So Princess Emilia is not stuck in her room all day.

Just when Princess Emilia is leaving to take her dogs on a walk, Prince Zachary has arrived to the Queen's Kingdom to see the damsel in distress. The Fairy Godmother is back from her quest and sees Emilia and Zachary having so much fun playing with the dogs. The Fairy Godmother realises you don't need magic to be happy.

They all go on with their lives!

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