Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The island of monsters

By Barney Rhys-evans, year 9, La Mare de Carteret School

Imagine this: your world is impossibly small yet impossibly large because it is outside space but inside time so it ages just like your universe but it is affected by yours. Every time a new monster is created they are put on trial to see if they should go to the “prison” that is a secure facility for dangerous monsters and creatures or if they should stay in the neutral zone where less dangerous ones stay, or if they should get erased from existence, but if they are a god they go to place called the god's islands that only titans like myself can go to because we are the only ones large enough to make it past the fog without falling off the bridge and strong enough to fight off the defenders, until the one called the wolf. It looked like a wolf but was huge and could mimic other monsters' abilities like the dragons' ability to breathe fire, they sent them against the strongest titan - me. They lost but in the end I was covered in blood and missing a leg so we let them stay but in the large land with giant tits etc, so from then on I was a guide for them, it was the best guide review I've seen, but I got a message saying there was a war just as it ended between the immortal army of death and the titans and they needed me on the front lines. In the volcano of two million fires there are six types of titan: fire, ice, lightning, earth, water, and power titans, being the last power titan I had immense strength. The war was a fight to behold, all the titans' allies were there, the wolf was on their side and we lost, I was left to wander the lands alone.

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