Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Illusion of Reality

By Joseph Blake, year 9, Elizabeth College


This is my imagination and entirely dreamed up. Are you still here? You must want to read on. Good! Here we go!

I woke up and the blazing white sun pierced the darkness that had been a few seconds ago. I looked up and almost fell over in surprise. Everything was massive! Why? When I looked down, I realised.

It was me that was small, not everything else that was big.

I was wearing a red and black suit and belt with hundreds of vials of liquid. The helmet had antennae on. Weird! Then a shadow arose, towering high over me. I drew myself together and looked up. It was an abominable ant. I scrambled away as fast as I could. Realizing that the ant was talking, I was worried. First, I was tiny, then a talking ant. No way is this reality! I thought about how much I wanted to be the right size.

Whoosh! I grew until I was human sized. Fantastic!

Unfortunately, on the way up I knocked some beakers over. Okay, a lot of beakers, forming two pools. Leaping over them, I glanced out the window. So, this was Stark Towers. I must be the brilliant inventor, Ant-Man! As I turned around the two puddles were swirling; a two-faced man had appeared. Janus, the Roman god of choices.

“Pick a portal young man. Each one will give you a different fate.” His voice was overlapped as each face spoke at a different pace. I investigated the portals; one was a green meadow, with a bouncing animal in it. Tigger! The other had speeding cars and gun shots. James Bond! As I thought about the two different paths, I began to comprehend this was just the start of something that could be a marvellous adventure…

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