Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Haunted House

By Harry Johnson, year 7, Elizabeth College

I peeked through the skeleton. ‘Good afternoon, Mr Elrond, I see you have some mail.’

‘Ah yes my fresh heart, right from that boy Pum Kin I killed.’ I was terrified. A fresh heart! I knew he was disgusting and evil but Pum Kin was my best friend. I started to feel tears curling in my eyes and I let them out silently. My best friend was gone forever. Or that was what I thought.

As the anger was bubbling inside me I picked out my bat brain from my pocket that I had got for my birthday a few days ago. I crawled away from the dark, gloomy corner into the last room of the haunted house and I was shocked…

There I saw Pum Kin alive! He looked up and saw me. ‘HI!’ I picked him him up and ran for my life. I heard nothing but a whirring sound. I thought I was safe. Then I saw what was making the sound. ELROND…

I looked around, there was a closet but that was too small. Then I saw it. A hole in the wall, perfect size for him. He dove in just as he would have seen me and I was luckily safe. I heard him walk past. I sneaked out. AbraKillabra and he fell in a heap on the floor. His body fluttered away like a butterfly. I sighed a big sigh of relief and hugged my best friend.

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