Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Girl who Got Adopted

By Presley Demore, year 8, La Mare de Carteret School

Once upon a time there was this girl called Lucy. She was 6 years old and unfortunately her mum and dad couldn't look after Lucy because they were too ill. So one day there was this lady that came round to Lucy's house and had a discussion with Lucy, and her mum and dad and they said that they had to take Lucy away from her parents and she had to go into foster care. Then the minute Lucy heard what the lady said the little girl fell straight into her mum and dad's arms crying her little heart out. So as time went past poor old Lucy slowly and carefully walked up the stairs and went to her bedroom to pack her belongings and said goodbye to her bedroom.Her heart was lost and didn't know where she was going. After that she said her last goodbye and that was that. She couldn't see her parents again which was really sad. Lucy carefully got in the car and looked back at the house and said her last goodbye. She soon arrived at the new house where she was going to stay for the rest of her life till she was old enough to move out.She stayed there for a long time and time went on and she was absolutely loving it and now she was 12 years old and her carers sat down with her one night once her siblings had gone to bed and they said "Lucy we need to talk about something very important."At this time Lucy was getting really nervous. Could she be in trouble? Her carers handed her an orange piece of card that said Mummy and Daddy on the front and inside she read "Would you like to be our little girl?" and Lucy replied yes.

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