Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The girl and the mushroom.

By Matilda Holder, year 7, Les Beaucamps School

It was a lovely sunny day when Zoe woke up. The gentle wind was blowing on her face, and the city was getting up. Zoe got down from her bed and slid down her mushroom, the sun gleaming down on her.

Zoe was a normal sized pixie. She had long wavy blonde hair, which came halfway down her back. She wore dainty red flat shoes, which showed her happy personality. She was never sad, and that’s what everyone loved about her.

Zoe was walking down the road the other day, on her way to her friend's house, when she spotted something odd. Everyone’s mushroom was turning grey, and no-one was smiling! ‘This isn’t good,’ thought Zoe. So, instead of going to her friend's house, she went over to her uncle Louie’s house.

When Zoe arrived, Louie explained what was happening. ‘Someone will need to go to the forest and get the magic crystal, otherwise we stay like this.’

‘Then I’ll go,’ said Zoe.

Zoe had never been so scared in her life. She was as sneaky as a fox, sneaking into the forest. She was determined to save her town. Slowly, carefully, she worked her way through the forest, until she found the crystal. There it was, sitting on top of a pillar-like table, surrounded by tall, scary looking trees. Zoe grabbed it. She was gone.

Zoe was out of there like a shot. Running, sprinting as fast as her little legs would take her. When she finally arrived out of the forest, she ran back to her uncle Louie’s and shouted as she burst through the door,’I’ve done it! I’ve got the crystal and I’ve saved everyone!'

And she was right. Everyone’s mushrooms were colourful again, and everyone was smiling. Zoe had saved the day once again.


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