Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

the garma killer by ben price

By ben price, year 8, La Mare de Carteret School

It was the 1980s in the middle of the ocean, and a stout man called Captain Richard shouted out, "Here we are men, the island of Garma. We set up camp 'ere on la beach Billy!!" Billy was a tall bony person who had towering thin legs. "Wot?" "Can you get some firewood?" "Sure," Billy sighed. Just as Billy walked away he heard a rustle in the bushes then a....

chapter 2

Snap, Billy was upside down hanging from an oak tree by the right leg, then he let out a man scream: "Aghhhh!" It made a flock of pelicans fly away in fear. After hearing that the men on the beach rushed up to where Billy was but when they got there they saw a gory scene of bloodshed, Billy's body was torn apart.

chapter 3

After seeing Billy's body they STAYED together even when they were asleep. One week after Billy's death, another man died, when they found him his arms, legs and organs were missing. Now the remaining men left the island for good.

to be continued

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