Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Forest

By Kelsey Le Bideau, year 9, Grammar School

I snapped open my eyes only to be blinded by the darkness that was clawing onto every object. I felt a wave of coldness as my vision adjusted to the taunting shadows. I see the shape of trees as tall as the stars crowding around me and blocking out the outside world.

“Where am I?” I hear my voice drift into empty deserted space in what must be a clearing or a forest of some sorts. In the distance, pinpricks of warm lights peeped out through the thick branches.


I felt my way up to a standing position, only to make out unmistakable yellow eyes fixated on my every move. Wolves. My heart accelerated as terror gripped me, the darkness closing in. Abruptly, a blaze of light pierced the eery surroundings, a resemblance from home.


It burst from the ground next to me, a weapon against the creatures of the woodland. The predators backed away, their eyes scattering looking for a last chance of attack. I thrashed out. The creatures fled.

Swallowing my thoughts, the mystery of the fire was itching at my memory, reminding me that this was abnormal, not a coincidence. I traced back to my previous emotions as the darkness had enveloped me. Petrifying, vulnerable thoughts.

Dots of light swam in front of my eyes, fireflies, leading me forward into a clearing. In doing so, an outrageous realisation filled my awareness, a possibility that I can control light in a hope to escape reality.

Just then, a rustle of leaves and the feeling of eyes boring into me, following my every move caused me to spin on my heel to see a girl.

Identical to me.

With water pouring out her hands.

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