Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Dream

By Kielah Page, year 8, Les Beaucamps School

Is it a dream? Maybe its just in my head! Maybe I'm imagining it! Maybe I'm hallucinating it! It feels so real, like I'm there, standing in the moment. Everything is weird, wonderful and wondrous! Nothing seems normal. I'm not where I was 5-10 minutes ago. The squeaky, rusty, decaying door opened wide showing darkness inside. All the birds had stopped singing. Instead Crows started yelping, sending shivers down my spine! As I took a step in, I heard a creek from the filthy,grimy, coal black floorboard. Everywhere inside was pitch black. My nose twitched as the faint speck of dust flew pass! My feet moved as I sneezed… It all became faint as my eyes closed to prepare myself what was about to happen? My heart sank as I was in the air, falling.

My body collapsed to the ground! As I looked up, the floor board above had snapped, the one I was just stood on. All my body ached in pain, I felt dizzy. As I tried to stand up my head hit something, making a loud bang… Was this a dream? It didn't seem like a dream, more like a nightmare. Everything was dark like an old black and white movie. It felt different almost like something else was with me. Noises came from everywhere around me, faint noises almost like people whispering in my ear. All of a sudden something touched my leg. Something had just walked past, something just spoke to me. Maybe just maybe it was a...

I closed my eyes thinking about a being back home in bed and not in this haunted house…

As I opened them slowly, it felt different! Almost like I was back where I started, stood at the vast, withered gates of the possessed house.

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