Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The discovery

By maisy Le cras, year 9, La Mare de Carteret School

It all started as a rather small pile of rocks with many animals, rivers, trees and luxurious plants. It was doing fine the way it was until a young male Buddhist called Henry discovered the strange but wonderful place and brought family and friends from all over to see this exotic island.

Shortly, more and more people started to live here coming and leaving as they please, the Buddhists from Henry's doing looked after all the people.They had jubilant feelings towards this small and quirky island. They respected everybody there was mindfullness and equality.

However the people and animals from the other worlds, all a lot less pleasant with fire, dragons, evil found out about the island and were jealous. So jealous, that the leader gathered his best fighters and weapons and planned a attack on the peaceful buddhist. After a short while the bhuddist had seen people and dragons in armour with torches and fire and before they knew it their island was turned upside down, people were dying, plants being set on fire, teepees being burnt down and the sacred praying church was destroyed.

The world was no longer. It had lost to the evil. Henry could not protect the island as he was old now, after watching children grow up on the island and families coming and going for centuries he was just too old and physically didn't have the energy to fight. Because of his despair and sadness he gathered every woman, man, child and animal to show them that they needed to earn back what they lost. However, they must work together to take down the evil but with no violence.

The way the buddists took back their dignity and grace for their island was to pray. They prayed so much that the evil vanished.

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